Wednesday, 31 December 2008


A Very Rare Thing: Christmas away from home. I found myself spending Christmas with my new friend in Dorset - with whom I had spent so much time with in the autumn. Oh yes she was there too, not gadding off to warmer climes like last time. It was delightful. The weather was bright and frosty. And we were not forgotten by Father Christmas.

Friday, 31 October 2008

travelling independently!

Two weeks after my arrival in Dorset, I find myself travelling with my new friend, to yet another familiar place from the far distant past - in fact the first place I ever holidayed when not even six months old!

Cornwall, right down at the far end just north of Penzance. Fine views and lovely flowers.

after having been down there very peacefully for a week, she turns up; after three weeks. The small friends appear to have been on travels through France and Spain with her.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

early autumn, dorset

I find myself once again in a suitcase and hauled off in cars and trains. This time my first visit to Dorset in over 35 years (memories of dampness, tents and seaside fog, also people paddling in wellington boots).

I am introduced to another mature Bear.

Then she's off and leaves me there!

Then October comes......

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

spring visit to winter

Having been a bit quite thought there should be an update, as travels have occurred beyond the weekly commute.
A visit was made to north Wales, having not been there for some 36 years or more there was a little bit of excitement! She has been several times in recent years, alone. This trip was for a memorial and celebration of the life of someone close to the family.

Nant Ffrancon (above)

Cwm Idwal (above)

as usual it was a bit grey, though mainly, on the saturday the weather was dry if very very windy. Snow on the tops.

I didn't travel to the hight bits, above Cwm Idwal, where the ashes were scattered and the boots hung up to rest. Though some close friends did.....see below

Scattering of ashes (above) Friends (2 rabbits & a bear) (below)

Am pleased to report that the accomodation at Idwal Cottage Youth Hostel was very comfortable.